Sunday, July 3, 2011

There's a hole in my wall!

Actually, there are several. Since last update, five new holes have appeared. Three of them are doorways, and two are dismantled walls. Remember this:

IMG 7640


It now looks like this:


IMG 8510


That's right, there's a new doorway. And there's an identical doorway on the opposite wall. Which means that we have an unobstructed view from one end of our home to the other:


IMG 8520


That's a view from our "tv-room" through our living-room to our bedroom (where Mrs. is standing). You can also see the dismantled floors. The builders have finished insulating the floors, and they are now straightening them. We are considering our options when it comes to additional sound-proofing. My plan is to pump 20cm of sand in the floor, that sound insulate noise quite well. But we are still thinking about this.

This picture also gives you an idea for our heating-arrangements. There will be a heatpump above the Mrs., and there will be a second one in the opposite wall (where the picture is taken). This means that we can pump warm air (or cold air in the summer) thorough the house. Only rooms not directly heated in this way are the kitchen, the bathrooms and the study. This is a very efficient way of heating the house, and it's made even more efficient by the fireplaces at the opposite ends of the home.

Other new "holes" are here:

IMG 8524

This is picture towards our "tv-room" (to the left) and study/spare bedroom (to the right). The picture with the Mrs. above is taken from behind the smokestack. The rightmost hole is dismantled wall in the study, which gives nice additional space for that room. The new wall (built from re-used timber from those dismantled walls) will be behind the smokestack, in front of the window in the middle. The hole between the old timber wall and the smokestack is the doorway to the study. You can also see the other dismantled timber-wall, to the right of the smokestack.

Things are moving very fast now, after slow progress for several months. I was quite pessimistic in april/may, since things were progressing very slowly, but I'm very optimistic and enthusiastic now! We might actually be able to pull this off! Who knows, maybe we'll be able to move in in about two months or so. No, the place will not be finished then, but we might have a finished bedroom and bathroom, and that's enough for us.

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