Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Oh, just to let you know...

I haven't updated in a long time. Reason being that the work has been dragging along. Workers have been straightening and insulating the ceiling and the walls, and they were very crooked indeed. It took quite a bit longer than anticipated, and there wasn't much to report during that tume. It's done now, so I will be able to make more updates in the future, when there's tangible changes taking place. They should be vacuuming old insulation under the floor as we speak.

The colours I mentioned in the previous entry? Forget them. We decided to re-do them. Floor will have this color:


That color is very classical grey, and it should look beautiful :).

The walls will be purer white, but I can't recall the exact shade at the moment. I _think_ it was this one:


But I'm not 100% sure, I need to check my notes later.

We spent quite some time painting samples (the actual material we have in our home) and comparing them to each other before we decided on these. It was hard, but now it's done.

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