Monday, August 8, 2011

We have rchooms!

No, not "rooms", but something like them:

View froom our kitchen towards our utility-room, WC and bathroom:

Rchooms  379
View from our "tv-room" towards our second bathroom/WC:
Rchooms  381
View from our tv-room (from where our couch will be, as a matter of fact) towards our study/guest bedroom:Rchooms  380

In one week we got the frames for the walls and electricity-work. This means that we now have outlines of our rooms that we can actually walk in to. We have doorways and we can see what the rooms will actually be like, as opposed to having to imagine that "the wall will be somewhere around here....". The visible changes in the site have been absolutely huge, and in only one week!

So, what's happening now? This week they will be installing plumbing and other pipework, as well as finishing the floors in some areas. We are planning to more or less finish the work in our study (minus paneling, since panels will not arrive in few more weeks). It's the simplest of the rooms, so we can use it to double-check what our color-choices look like. And once it's finished, we can move some our stuff there. After that, 11 m2 finished, 139 m2 to go. Tiny steps people, tiny steps. But after that we should get additional 30+ m2 done relatively quickly. Of course we might still be missing some finishing touches, but we would be getting there.

Since we now know where the walls will be, we got clearer idea about some things: we are re-thinking our kitchen. The original wasn't all that convenient, especially if we have our dining-table in the middle of the room. So we are thinking of moving the dining-table to the next room, and re-arranging the kitchen a bit. Instead of having the kitchen spread on opposite walls, we will be having a kitchen island with oven, stove, tablespace and storage-space. Fridge, dishwasher, washbasin and more cupboards will still be next to the walls, but the overall desigh of the kitchen will be more convenient and natural.

It has been a while since I last blogged, and now it seems that things are happening so fast that I can't keep up. I visited the site few days after those pictures were taken, and in that time they had installed half of the plumbing! Next week they will apparently actually close up the walls, so we will then have actual rooms, with actual walls. How about that?!

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