Saturday, September 17, 2011


I mentioned in my previous blog-post that bathroom has been one of the focus-areas recently. And a lot has been accomplished:

Bathroom  378

(I hate to think how much blood, sweat and tears the tiler had to shed to get those diagonally cut tiles on a wall with an angled ceiling…)

Bathroom  381Bathroom  379

The bathroom is still missing the floor-tiles and the panels on the ceiling, as well as seams. But it's definitely taking shape. For reference, this was our starting-point:

Bathroom  382

Related to the bathroom, is the room next to it, our utility-room. It currently looks like this:

Bathroom  380

It too will be receiving tiles in the near future.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Taking shape...

A lot has happened with the project. We have received the panels, and they are quickly being installed:

IMG 8598

IMG 8600

IMG 8610

Yeah, they are looking good! And those panels really underline the height of the rooms! In a perfect world we should have put those panels up a bit later, after we had painted the walls. But we have to install them ASAP, since we do not have much storage-space for them and there's a lot of them.

In the last picture you can see how the horizontal beam looks crooked. That's because it is. We could have tried to hide it somehow, but it would have been extra work. And we decided not to. This is an old building, and we don't have to, nor do we want to, hide that fact.

Other focus-area in recent days has been our balcony. The frame is now finished, but we will probably finish it next spring, in order to save our resources (read: money) for more urgent and important things. Besides, if we did it this year, we would be finishing the balcony in november or so, not exactly the hot balcony season of the year… But it does look quite impressive, and big:

IMG 8609

IMG 8613

Yeah, those beams are quite massive. But they need to carry the weight of the entire balcony. And they are well anchored on the ground:

IMG 8616

There's a third focus area as well, our bathroom. I could post some pictures of it, but they are already obsolete. I will be taking new pictures soon, and make a separate blog-post about it.

What else… The installation of the floor has been started as well, initially using the old 120 year old floorboards:

Taking shape  384

We will sandpaper and paint them grey, so that is not our finished floor. We have old floorboards for about 40m2, rest will have to be new.

Well, that's it for now :)!