Sunday, January 8, 2012

Rest weary traveller, sleep the journey from your eyes

That's right, we have moved in. It's not much at this point, basically just a bed to sleep in, but it's a start. Everything is a bit chaotic at a moment, because we really don't have space for all our stuff (our temporary apartment is not totally empty), so we have to put our stuff where we can. And we have some temporary loaner stuff as well, like those white chairs. 

The plan is that we will live in this end of the place (this is what will become our living-room), while the opposite end is finalized. Once that's done, we will move our bed there, and work will then start on finalizing our living-room. One room that is 99% done is our study, but it functions as our wardrobe at the moment. 

So, what else has been happening lately? Well, our main renovator has been on a well-deserved Christmas-holiday, but other workers have done some stuff. First of all, we got the door to our balcony:
Balcony is still missing, however. Besides that, we got our front-door:

Electricians have also been working, and it seems to me that they are almost done. They have installed the plugs for our ceiling-lights, and they seem to be working even. Almost all of our fixed lights have been installed, for example the utility-room:

And shower: 

Also, they have installed radiators, light-switches and power-sockets, so our home is finally self-sufficient in that regard:
And, we also got some interior-doors as well, for example, between the utility-room and our bedroom:

So, what's left to do? Well, the plumber needs to install some pipes, after that, we can finish the few remaining walls. Plumber also need to install showers, toilets, sinks and the water-heater. Electricians have few more things to, like configuring the "smart home"-system and fixing few things. But to me, it seems like they are 90% done. Our renovator needs to paint the floors in our kitchen and dining-room, install few walls and some paneling and do some finishing touches. After that, we are DONE! Well, we would still be missing our kitchen and the balcony, but those can wait. 

The journey has been really exhausting, but we are almost home. 

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  1. Looks good but it is not really practical for a busy family. Kitchen countertops chip and break. Also grout lines tend to look bad after a while unless you plan on cleaning it really good every day.You can't just wipe the counters down you have to scrub the grout lines with a brush often to keep it looking good.