Saturday, March 12, 2011


So it has been over a month since I last updated the blog. The reason is twofold.

1. The temperatures dropped so low in Finland that the project was frozen (literally!) for almost two weeks.

2. The work going on hasn't been that tangible, apart from few exception (which I'll talk about below).

What do I mean "non-tangible" work? Well, I could see the changes every day, so it's not like things have not been progressing. But the work has been insulation, so the changes have been that more and more of the apartment has been insulated. It's not that interesting to report that "almost half of the ceiling is insulated. Now it's a bit over half, now it's almost done...".

The ceiling has now received it's first layer of insulation (70mm of polyurethane), and the workers are now preparing to insulate the walls. In the future the ceiling will receive additional 50mm layer of polyurethane.

One thing that happened is that the plaster came down on one of the chimneys as the workers were working around it:

The bricks look nice, but red isn't really suitable color, so we will be whitening them at some point. But we will leave the bricks themselves visible, so we will not hide them under a layer of plaster.

Workers have also worked on the timber-walls, most notable making a doorway in one that will lead to our shower in the master bathroom, and they have made a huge hole in another wall, that will house our bed. This picture is taken from the forementioned doorway in our master bathroom, showing our bedroom with the area for our bed:

Well, that's it for now :).

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