Wednesday, January 12, 2011


It has now been 1.5 weeks since the workers arrived. What has happened so far? Well, they have been busy dismantling the existing walls and stuff. And boy was I in for a surprise. Room that used to look like this:

Now looks like this (picture taken from the opposite corner):

That horizontal beam on top of the picture is going to be dismantled. It's not structurally sound, so we will replace it with a vertical column in the middle of the room. Besides, it looks like ass.

I talked with the head engineer today, and he hesitantly told me that since some of the ceilings are made from heavy-duty timber, and they were load-bearing, they have to leave some of the beams in place. Later I saw what he meant:

Holy crap! And we will be having something similar in parts of the bedroom and (most likely) in the "other" living-room as well! The moment I saw those beautiful, massive beams I started thinking of leaving them exactly as they are. Someone else might sandpaper them and try to make them "neat". But not me. I think they look absolutely beautiful! We might use some chemicals to protect them against moisture and such (I dunno, I'm not the expert), but that's it.

You can also get a glimpse at the ceiling in the last picture. Yeah, it's pretty high up. Idea is that there will not be any low ceilings, that the rooms will be as high as the roof lets them be. This means that one of our WCs will have 4 meter high ceiling... You can see some new woodwork up in the ceiling, that will be removed. It was half-assedly added there in seventies or something. We will be going for an original look, and solutions that are structurally sound.

Oh yes, this thing is going to be so awesome!

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