Monday, December 6, 2010

So, what are we dealing with here?

It just occurred to me that I have never really told/shown what we are dealing with when it comes to this project. Let's correct that right here, right now.

Like I said, the building is 110 years old. On the outside it looks like this:

It's in a park-like area with lots of old buildings. And still, it's only about 200 meters from the train-station, and maybe 300 meters from a supermarket. The location is as good as it's going to ever get.

So what about the insides? When you step inside, this is the view that you will see:

The white door on the top of the stairs leads to one of the two living-rooms our home will have. The door will be removed and we will just have two open doorways instead. On top of the stairs will be our kitchen. That's right, when you step inside and walk up the stairs, you will end up in our kitchen. Yeah, it's peculiar, but it will be great.

The stairs will be redone. The steps are not deep enough, and they are quite steep, so they do not pass modern requirements. My plan is to have LED-lighting on the steps.

To give you another perspective:

The stairs are behind the pillar, and the white door of the previous picture is on the left, just around the corner. You are probably starting to get the idea what we are dealing with here.

Looking towards the right on more or less that same spot:

The area in that picture will become our master bathroom. The wall with the door will be dismantled and moved towards the camera, giving us plenty of space for the bathroom. The picture is taken from what will become our utility room.

So, what should the finished home look like? Well, the current plan is this:

The one major difference between that plan and what will happen is that the actual floorplan will be a mirror-image of that plan. That way we will have our bathroom right above the bathroom in the floor below us, making plumbing etc. a lot simpler (read: cheaper). The three big room on top are "private" living-room, "public" living-room and master bedroom. You can see the master bathroom and utility-room in the bottom right corner. The small room in the bottom left corner is a study/guest bedroom, and right next to it is our second bathroom. What's not shown is our balcony, which will be outside the "public" living-room. It will be quite huge, about 20m2.

To give you some scale: the distance between the window above the stairs and the windows in the "public" living-room is about 14 meters. And we will be having a unhindered view across that area.

The room-height is about 5 meters around the center of the home, but it will be less near the edges. The dotted line represents the spot where the room-height drops to 160cm. It will also be quite low in the area around the steps, but it can still be used as a "cozy" area for reading and such.

Needless to say, there's a lot of work ahead...

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